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We provide services to agencies, resellers, small publishers as well as local clients and maintain complete customer anonymity. We will not disclose or share your campaign, URLs or keywords with anyone. That's why some of the testimonials are anonymous.

I'm extremely impressed with this link building service. This service is professional and pays attention to detail, but most importantly, this service flat out works!

I tracked the rankings using rank tracking software and observed a steady climb in rankings. I found a perfect ratio of raw URL, exact keyword, related and generic anchors. I also really like the IP, platform and TLD diversity this package provides.

I highly recommend this service and will be ordering more for some of my other sites.

I received my report a few days ago and I must say its one of the best reports I've had from a service provider here - its very detailed including reference to all links built for tier 1 and tier 2 as well as a summary of links built including full detail of anchor text ratios used and link types.

As for rank, the main keyword is now bouncing around between #12 - #19 from nowhere.

Great service and I will definitely be using this one again