Top 4 Best AI Content Writing Tools – Reviews and Compared

We’ve tested and reviewed the best AI-powered content writing tools and software available on the market today. Find out which one is best for you.

Content is king. It’s what attracts potential customers to your site and helps you keep them there. And content creation is a time-consuming task that can be difficult to get right. Whether you’re a business owner or a blogger, it’s hard to find the time to produce high-quality content that will keep readers coming back for more.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, there has been a surge in the number of AI-powered content writing tools. Today, it is possible to create good quality content in a matter of seconds with the help of these tools.

If you’re looking to automate the content creation process for your blog, there are a number of AI content writing tools that can help you do just that. We’ve reviewed 10 of the best AI content writing tools to help you create content that will increase your website traffic and improve your SEO.

What is the best AI Content Writing Tool?

Based on writing quality, user-friendliness, and price, the followings are the best AI-powered content writing tools available on the market today:

  1. Jasper – Best for Everything
  2. ClosersCopy – Best value for money
  3. Rytr – Best for short-form content generation
  4. Peppertype
  5. Writesonic
  6. LongShot
  7. Scalenut
  8. Wordhero
  9. Copysmith
  10. Typli
  11. AI Writer
  12. Simplified
  13. Anyword
  14. Bramework
  15. Inkforall

01. Jasper – The Most Powerful AI Writing Tool Ever

When it comes to AI writing, Jasper (Formerly Jarvis) is the most powerful and feature-rich tool currently available on the market. With over 50 templates to choose from, you can create all kinds of content and translate it into more than 25 languages. In addition, they recently launched Surfer integration which allows you to create SEO (keyword-optimized) content for better search ranking. This makes Jasper an all-in-one AI content writing tool.

The most powerful feature of Jasper is the “Boss Mode” which is a long-form content writing assistant. This allows you to generate long-form content like blog posts, stories, reports, emails, etc. In this long-form editor, the Jasper AI reads past 3,000 characters to understand the context and generate the most relevant content based on the topic. The command function allows the user to tell the AI exactly what they want to be written. With this powerful tool, you can easily generate a complete blog article or story within a few minutes.

Another interesting feature of Jasper is that it generates original plagiarism-free content that will pass Copyscape and other plagiarism checker software. Jasper also has Grammarly integration which is another fantastic feature to improve and fix grammar and spelling mistakes.

Why Buy Jasper AI?

  1. They have the most advanced trained AI technology to generate the most accurate results.
  2. 50+ writing templates to fulfill a variety of writing needs.
  3. Advanced long-form writing assistant allows you to write long-form articles in a few minutes.
  4. SurferSEO integration for SEO-optimized content writing.
  5. Provides you the ability to train the AI to write what you want to be written.
  6. User-friendly interface.
  7. Write AI content in 25 languages.


Currently, Jasper AI is offering 2 different plans – Starter and Boss Mode with different features and writing limits.

  • Starter Plan: The starter plan is suitable for beginners as it only comes with 20,000 words/month writing limit. At $29/month you can get access to all the 50 writing templates such as content improver, product descriptions, blog post outline, quora answers, etc. The downside of this plan is you can only generate 20,000 words per month. So, it can be a good choice for short-form content writing. However, the good this is you can increase the word limits by 320,000 words or more.
  • Boss Mode: The Boss Mode plan begins at $59/month (when paid monthly) and $54/month (when paid yearly). With this plan, you get access to the powerful long-form content writing assistant. At $59/month, you can generate 50,000 words per month which are good enough for beginner bloggers and content writers. Like the previous one, you can also increase the word limit by 700,000 words and more.

In addition to these plans, they are offering 10,000 words free trial for testing their tool. Before making a purchase, you can always check out their free trial to see if it is a good fit for your business.

Note: Jasper offers a 5-days no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee on each plan.

02. ClosersCopy

While Jasper is leading the GPT-3 based AI writing industry, there are some other tools that are developing rapidly, and ClosersCopy is one of them. However, this is one of the highly underrated AI copywriting tools on the market. Why?

ClosersCopy has some powerful writing features that other companies (even Jasper) don’t have. The first and the most powerful feature is the Framework. ClosersCopy offers to create custom frameworks. So, Like other AI writing software, you are not bound to any specific writing framework. You can create your own framework according to your writing style.

Besides creating custom frameworks, you get access to the community framework where you can find hundreds of different frameworks created by other users. You can create your own framework and share them with the other members.

The long-form editor is another fantastic feature of ClosersCopy. This option allows you to generate long-form articles within a few clicks.

Recently, they have brought another revolutionary tool called “SEO”. This is the replacement of their previous “Compete” tool. With this SEO tool, you can generate high-quality SEO-optimized articles to rank higher on search engines. Like SurferSEO, this tool allows you to optimize your content using the NLP algorithm.

Why Buy ClosersCopy?

  1. Options to create custom frameworks.
  2. Access to 700+ community frameworks.
  3. Advanced long-form content writing feature.
  4. Supports 124 languages.
  5. SEO optimized writing technology with NPL algorithm.
  6. 14-days money-back guarantee.


This is the best part about ClosersCopy. They are running a lifetime deal that comes with all the features and unlimited word generation. In addition to that, you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • Power: At $49.99/month, you get all the features with 300 runs/month and 50 SEO Audits/month. This plan also comes with 2 seats and limited updates. It’s suitable for beginners who don’t need to write a lot of articles.
  • Superpower: At $79.99/month, you get all features with unlimited word generation and unlimited SEO audits. This is the best plan for bloggers and content writers. It comes with 3 users seats and unlimited updates.
  • Superpower Squad: This is the extended version of the Superpower plan. At $99.99/month, you will get all features of Superpower and 5 user seats. So, if you are running a team of 4 writers, this would be the best choice for you.
  • Lifetime Deal: Currently ClosersCopy is running a Lifetime deal that comes with the best value for the money. The Power plan costs $397/one-time, the Superpower Plan costs $497/one-time, and the Superpower Squad plan costs $697/one-time. ClosersCopy offers 3 installments if you can’t pay the full amount at a time. However, paying in installments costs higher than paying one time.

Note: ClosersCopy offers a 14-days money-back guarantee for all of their plans.

03. Rytr

Rytr is another powerful AI-based article writer tool that offers excellent quality content in 34 different languages.  If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Jasper, Rytr is a great option. The best part is – Rytr has a completely free plan that comes with 5,000 characters/month. So, you can use Rytr for writing a few short-form content for free.

One of the unique features of Rytr is the Chrome extension that allows you to use this writing tool anywhere in your browser. This makes it super convenient for writing messages, emails, or even social media posts without having to open an external text editor.

Rytr is excellent for generating short-form content because its output quality is outstanding. Currently, they have 38 use cases for generating various types of content. However, it doesn’t have any full-featured long-form editor like Jasper and ClosersCopy. So, if you are planning to write a long-form article using an AI writer, this is not the right tool for you.

When writing on Rytr, you will have the ability to select language, writing tone, number of variants, and creativity level. By using all of these parameters, you can generate content according to your requirements.

Another interesting feature is the built-in plagiarism checker. This will help you check the uniqueness of the generated content.

Why by Rytr?

  1. Cheap alternative to Jasper AI.
  2. Provide excellent text output.
  3. Great for short-form content generation.
  4. Features with 38 use cases and generate content in 34 different languages.
  5. Features built-in plagiarism checker.
  6. Options to create custom use cases.
  7. Simple and easy user interface.


Like I said earlier, Ryter has a lifetime free plan that includes 5,000 characters per month. In addition, they currently have 2 different plans – the Saver plan and the Unlimited plan.

  • Saver plan: The saver plan comes with all features and 50,000 characters/months. It costs only $9/month. This is suitable for beginner bloggers and content writers.
  • Unlimited Plan: At $29/month, you get everything unlimited with a dedicated account manager and priority email & chat support. This is the best value for money.

Note: If you plan to buy a yearly subscription, you will get 2 months free.


If you’re looking for a copywriting tool that will work as your virtual content assistant and will make your life easier by creating amazing content, then you need to check out This revolutionary ai copywriting tool makes it fun and easy to write great copy, and it’s sure to help you take your content to the next level.

Peppertype comes with more than 40 pre-made templates that you can use to generate completely original, unique content for your blog, e-commerce site, product listings, descriptions, social media posts, YouTube video descriptions, etc.

However, it doesn’t have any longform editor like the previous tools. What they have is a simple tool called “Note” which can be used to gather contents generated from different templates. After gathering those content, you can copy the full article or export everything as pdf.

The user interface of Peppertype is very simple and organized. You don’t need to be an expert to generate content using Peppertype. While providing the input, you can set the tone of voice for getting more specific results. Besides that, it has like/dislike button on every generated content which allows you to give feedback and based on the feedback the AI generates better content for you.

Another interesting feature of Peppertype is – they recently launched chrome extension which allows you to write content anywhere through your chrome browser.

Why buy

  1. It is best for generating short-form content within a few seconds.
  2. More than 40 pre-made writing templates.
  3. Simple and organized user interface.
  4. Chrome extension for content generation.
  5. Content export/download functionality.

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